Glosfume Products and Services

Glosfume Ceramic filters are exceptionally compact allowing them to be utlised in the most restricted of sites. Our standard range includes three models HTMC256, HTMC400 and HTMC600 rated at 3,150 - 5,000 and 7,200Am3/hr respectively. They all operate at up to 400°C with the ability to reduce particulates below 3mg/Nm3.

This HTMC range offers:

Custom built filters can be designed to provide:

Dry scrubbing: feeders are available to inject sodium bicarbonate, activated carbon or urea which can be:

Services we can offer:

Overseas agents:

Glosfume is now looking for companies outside Europe to manufacture our technology under licence . This is more suited to companies that already have experience in reverse jet air filtration. We offer a package that includes complete CAD engineering drawings for all models mentioned above. For more information contact