welcome to Glosfume Ltd.

Glosfume provides intelligent Hot Gas Ceramic Filtration.

Internationally recognised for our specialist skill in providing the very best in hot gas ceramic filtration.

Glosfume are the only company to manufacture both ceramic elements and filter bodies offering a two year guarantee covering both parts and labour* 

Advantage of manufacturing our own ceramic and soluble elements enables us to offer higher specification filters at competitive prices.

Our standard Ceramic Filter bodies operate at up to 450°C, elements can withstand temperatures of above 1000°C which remove inert sub micron particles from a wide range of gaseous emissions.

Typical applications:

Our guarantee: To reduce particulate emission levels to below 3mg/Nm3 (typically 1).

Glosfume also provide: Dry scrubbing for the removal of acid gas and other pollutants. This system injects Sodium Bicarbonate, Activated Carbon and Urea, achieving the following emission levels:

Particulate < 3mg/Nm3 (typically 1)
HCl < 10mg/Nm3
SO2 < 50mg/Nm3
HF < 1mg/Nm3
NOx < 200mg/Nm3
Heavy metals < 0.5mg/Nm3
Dioxins < 0.1ng/Nm3

Glosfume's commitment to: Renewable Energy and Biomass Wood Fired Boilers.

In a modern society, many offices, hospitals and homes are reliant on unsustainable and environmentally damaging fossil fuels, polluting air and releasing noxious and harmful gasses.

Both the UK’s Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) and the Office of the Gas and Electricity Markets (OFGEM) understand this issue and have put stricter laws on the levels of pollution and emissions that can be emitted.

Adrian Walker M.D. of HOVAL Ltd was one of the first to identify the efficiency of Glosfume’s biomass wood fired filters and has developed a very close working relationship with Glosfume.

This has been further endorsed by British Gas who have now invested in Econergy Ltd. Econergy are a leading company in biomass wood fired boiler technology and Glosfume is the preferred partner.

Unfortunately Biomass Wood Fired Boilers produce high levels of pollution, which means without the use of high efficiency filtration very few will meet the latest or future RHI requirements.

Glosfume Ceramic Filters reduce biomass wood fired boiler emissions to below 3g/GJ which is between the emission level of an oil fired boiler and a gas boiler.

Glosfume ceramic filters enable Biomass Wood Fired Boilers to meet the RHI legislation and allows Biomass Wood Fired Boilers to be used in areas of poor air quality, including Air Quality Management Areas.

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Applies to standard filters*