Glosfume Filter Designs

Glosfume filters are a modular design and exceptionally compact, which makes them avaliable to the most constricted locations.  As well as the versatility of bespoke systems, our range includes three standardised modular pods (HTMC 256, HTMC 400 AND HTMC 600) rated from 3000 Am3/hr to 7500 Am3/hr.

The footprint of our filters falls comfortably within existing height restrictions for UK planning and transportation to and from the UK. Our filtration systems can consist of either single pod or multiple pods.

Filters are supplied to you fully assembled, including elements, thus minimising your installation time and costs.

Our design allows individual pods to be isolated, which in turn enables online monitoring and effective maintenance.

Filter bodies are CFD modelled to create even distribution of particulate and gas flow which enhances dry scrubbing.

Bespoke filters

Glosfume has the ability to offer custom built filters. If required these can be manufactured in various grades of steel. Total seal is also available with limitations in sizes.

All filter bodies up to the weight of 2000kg are manufactured in-house, filters above 2000kg are manufactured by an approved fabricator.