Typical Emissions From Ceramic Filters

Unlike conventional bag filters and other types of filtration, ceramic filters are highly efficient. They have the ability to remove submicron particles as small as a nanogram. In operation they do not flex which prevents submicron particles from entering the substrate. Work carried out by Technicatome (French Nuclear Fuels) recorded particulate levels as low as 0.0017mg/Nm3

Typical emissions with the use of sodium bicarbonate and activated carbon are as follows:

Particulate < 3mg/Nm3 (typically 1)
HCl < 10mg/Nm3
SO2 < 50mg/Nm3
HF < 1mg/Nm3
NOx < 200mg/Nm3
Heavy Metals < 0.5mg/Nm3
Dioxins < 0.1ng/Nm3

Typical particulate emissions of other types of filters:

Bag filter 7 to 10mg/Nm3
Cyclone > 10mg/Nm3

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