Waste food to energy

CASE STUDY 23. Food to Energy.


A patented BIONOVA process which converts food waste into energy was awarded the 2010 Food Processing award.

During 2010 Jamie Oliver identified the benefits from converting waste food to energy. This greatly reduces the cost of landfill with the benefit of minimising the cost of hot water for the kitchens.

The Glosfume Biomass Filter offers ultra low emissions identical to the levels achieved with Biomass Wood Fired Boilers.

The patented BIONOVA process simply converts food waste into fuel by steadily feeding waste food into the digester. The automatic decomposition of the material takes between 48 and 72 hours to convert the food waste into a valuable bio fuel. The fuel is then automatically fed into the boiler to produce hot water when required.

The boiler and filter are mounted onto a common skid with a pre-wired control panel to reduce installation time and commissioning time.

If you produce 1000 litres or more of food waste each week this is your answer to low cost energy, supported by the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme.

The Element life for this application is expected to be 5 years