municipal Incinerator (Slovenia)

CASE STUDY 66. WID and BREF-compliant EU showcase municipal incinerator in Slovenia

During 2008 Glosfume was asked to supply a ceramic filter which could achieve emission levels below WID. Representing the state-of-the-art in high temperature filtration design rated at 70,589 Am3/hr @ 250 °C. The installation complies both Waste Incineration Directive (WID) and BAT Reference note (BREF) compliant and will be used by the EU as a reference plant.

Typical emission levels:

Particulate 0.8 mg/Nm3
HCl 6.5 mg/Nm3
SO2 1.8 mg/Nm3
NOx < 200 mg/Nm3
HF 0.4 mg/Nm3
Dioxins 0.05 ng/Nm3
Heavy Metals < 0.5 mg/Nm3

"24th August 2010 After 1 year successful test operation proving full WID compliancy (EU Waste Incineration Directive) Celje WtE plant has been handed over to the investor". 

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