OTMS Boxed Beef Incinerator (UK)

CASE STUDY 13.  Animal carcass incinerator.

Over Thirty Month Scheme (OTMS) 'Boxed Beef' incinerator. This installation involved replacement of a 3-metre ceramic element filter that suffered constant element breakages and inadequate SO2 removal due to a poorly designed filter and powder injection system.

The client appointed W.S. Atkins to source a filter which had high efficiency particulate removal and effective dry scrubbing.

W.S. Atkins placed the order with Glosfume in May 2000 and the filter was in operation August 2000.

The success of this installation resulted in four further contracts, including Wessex Incineration Ltd.

As of January 2003, the Government decided to discontinue the OTMS scheme and so the incinerator was forced to close down.

Element life span 3 years